Using the right tools will get you where you want to go in your classroom.


I use many different types of technology to help students progress.


Using the right methodologies in the classroom can yield exponential growth results.

About Me

Hi everyone!!  I am Elizabeth and I'm a master degreed English Language Arts (ELA) teacher in a very diverse middle school.  My passion is teaching students and always try to find ways to make learning fun and engaging by using current technology as much as possible.  Every day I strive to make my students lifelong learners and to empower them to always try to do their best in whatever they are doing.  Because of this passion, I got my master’s in Technology and Leadership through Lamar University, to teach other teachers’ ways to incorporate the benefits of using technology in their classrooms to all their students.

Among the technologies I use are the concepts of digital citizenship, which is to encourage responsible and respectful communication in the online world, as well as being mindful of security and rights/responsibilities in the digital world.



Next Steps...

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